Two ways with roasted cauliflower

For Mother's Day last year, my eldest son completed the sentence "I love my mummy because..." in the communal class card with "she makes me roasted cauliflower - my favourite!" - a statement that was endearing and cringe-worthy in equal measure. I could just imagine other parents rolling their eyes and wanting to gag, but ...

Green crepes

Green crêpes with cayenne cashew cream

We love pancakes in any shape and size. And it is one of the easiest way to serve vegetables to your family - either mixed straight into the batter or as a filling. These Tuscan kale crêpes, a.k.a. dragon slayer pancakes, are delicious with a savoury cashew cream, but you could also serve them with grated (preferably ...


Picnic à deux

Ok, full disclosure: I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. I used to, but that was before I married another Capricorn at the end of January. By the time Christmas, New Year's Eve, our respective birthdays and our wedding anniversary have been duly celebrated, we are usually ready for a break. I am a HUGE fan of romantic ...