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FoodFights is on a mission to change the way we think about, prepare and eat food, for a healthier, longer life. From one-on-one nutrition advice, exciting events, and corporate consultations, FoodFights gives you the tools you need to prepare and incorporate foods that fight your corner.

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How to combat the stresses of life, various illnesses and food apathy with a healthy new shopping list, cookery lessons, new-found knowledge and ongoing action plan.

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Helping employers, school kitchens, corporate caterers and restaurants transform their approach and menus to deliver a more health supportive, sustainable and smart solution.

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Ideal for personal enrichment, corporate events, hen parties and more, our delicious workshops and demonstrations cover thought-provoking subjects and are tailored to the audience.

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Roasted beet, carrot and chickpea salad

Beetroot and carrots are such versatile vegetables: grated raw into salads, cake batters or mixed with yoghurt for tasty sandwich fillings, cut into batons for dipping, roasted with honey and mustard, lightly steamed to go with a buttermilk and dill dressing... the options are endless. For this ...

Cake 5

Gluten free citrus and elderflower cake

This gluten free citrus and elderflower cake was a happy accident. After straining the elderflower syrup I made last weekend, the citrus and elderflower remnants in the sieve smelt so wonderful, that I just couldn’t bear to throw them out. I put all the citrus bits and a couple of the elderflower ...


Elderflower citrus cordial

I had never heard of elderflowers before moving to the UK, but here it features amongst the top local culinary delights. You can buy elderflower presse, elderflower liqueur, elderflower cordial ... and they all have a lovely mellow flavour. But then I decided to make my own cordial last year (loosely ...


Irish potato farls with chives and spring onions

Irish potato farls are a quick and easy dish to make with leftover mashed potatoes. They are delicious on their own with butter or as part of a larger meal as a bread replacement, especially a cooked breakfast. I like leaving them in the oven a little longer, to make them extra crispy on the bottom. But ...

Popcorn sundae 2

Vegan caramelised banana ice cream

This Vegan Caramelised Banana Ice Cream is honestly one of the best frozen desserts ever. It is completely satisfying, without being too sweet - it contains virtually no added sugar - and has a tropical-island-in-the-sun vibe. We teamed it up with a salted caramel ice cream, candied popcorn and dark ...

Blueberry friands

Blueberry frozen yoghurt and cherry sorbet ice cream sundae

This blueberry frozen yoghurt and cherry sorbet ice cream sundae with hot blueberry lime sauce and freshly baked blueberry friands was delicious and refreshing. It was also a little more in my comfort zone - super low in added sugars, lots of natural fruit flavours and a golden thread of citrus. If it ...

Ice cream

Hot cross bun ice cream sundae with marmalade ice cream and roast pears

To celebrate Easter, we designed a very special hot cross bun ice cream sundae with marmalade ice cream, roast pears and a delicious verjuice caramel drizzled on top.   Hot cross bun ice cream sundae Custard base 750ml milk of your choice 250g honey 5 medium egg yolks large pinch of ...