As a holistic chef and graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York, my aim with FoodFights is to empower you to take responsibility for your health, the environment and welfare of animals, and to bring back cooking and communal eating into your daily routine.

Most of us know that we should eat more healthily for a better quality of life, but our busy desk-bound lifestyles and fast-paced consumer society often make eating the right food difficult.


FoodFights aims to make healthy eating an accessible pleasure by sharing our theoretical and practical knowledge. More than just a healthy shopping list, we will help you understand the foods that pack a punch, for example complex carbohydrates that have a lower glycaemic index or foods that are rich in live enzymes. We will demonstrate correct preparation techniques and arm you with delicious, nourishing recipes.

Whether you need to lose weight, fight disease, or feed a crowd, FoodFights provides a bespoke plan to support future wellbeing and gives you the skills to change your relationship with food for good.