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Purple asparagus and butter beans

Both asparagus and tarragon herald the start of spring. Well, in my opinion anyway. But that is not the only thing I like about this (mostly raw) salad. It really gets your digestion going. The spiciness and zest, the crunch and bitterness. Purple asparagus also has diuretic and laxative properties that help flush out toxins ...

Golden beets_1

Golden beet & haricot bean dip

One of the tricks I often rely on to encourage the whole family to eat more vegetables is to offer crudités before the main meal - when everyone is starting to feel really hungry. Another is to incorporate vegetables into as many dishes as often as possible. Here is a recipe that will give you the opportunity to be most ...

Fresh cheese with apples (1 of 1)

Fresh cheese with fennel and chilli oil

It couldn’t be any easier than this - get your hands on some pastured full-fat yoghurt and surprise even yourself with the delicious, elegant result after straining it overnight. Here I added it to a simple salad of dressed purple endive and shaved fennel, with apple slices and some cheeky home-made chilli ...

Wild garlic soup

Wild Garlic and Lettuce Soup

Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. A season that teases translucent slivers of green from all but the darkest corners. So it is with great joy that I too am breathing life into a new chapter: welcome to the FoodFights journal! And what better way to kick off, than with spring’s darling, wild garlic. ...

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In tune with nature’s rhythm

In tune with nature's

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Homegrown pleasures