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Grilled peaches with nut feta

I've never really understood why artists always assume it was an apple that tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God. I like apples. I do. But I wouldn't risk the salvation of all future generations for one. Give me a ripe, juicy peach, however, and I am able to sympathise with their predicament... As summer draws to a close, ...

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A cuppa for the soul

I've always loved the idea of taking what nature has to offer and creating something that feeds not only the body, but also the soul. Herbal and floral infusions are a wonderful way of restoring harmony within. Below are three blends that serve different purposes, but can be enjoyed at any time by anyone after a couple of ...

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Supper Club – 6th of September

The Kinship Club / FoodFights is excited to host dinner in Camberwell this